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Just noticed Lunettes are on sale!

Of COURSE, as soon as I have ordered both of my Lunettes which I adore--they go on sale!!!  Here's the site:

I ordered my small Selene from this site and the lady was lovely plus I got a free sample of the Feel Better Wash.  I did have to pay for shipping though. 

Now HERE is the real deal--GladRags out of Portland OR (near me) also has them for sale PLUS free shipping!  I ordered my size 2 Diana from them and got exceptional customer support through the online chat option, it was well packaged and a postcard to send back that if I included contact info for three friends they'd send me a free cloth pad!  :)  Here's their link:

Kind of makes me want to order one more just for kicks!! :)
Happy cupping!
Tags: buying decisions, customer service, lunette, lunette - limited edition, lunette selene, pads - cloth, where to buy
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