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Cups and Education

(Sorry if this is tagged wrong - I wasn't sure what it should have gone under ^_^;    )

 I just had a thought...does anyone know of schools that educate pupils/ girls about cups in sex education etc?
I was just thinking back to my childhood about all that stuff, and when we were taught about menstrual related stuff, we were only educated about using pads and tampons.  I wonder why we were never taught about cups?  I mean, they've been around a very long time now, yet only a minority of the female populaton uses them.  Why haven't we heard more about them or sold more widely in shops?  
I feel that when girls are being taught about their bodies, they should be educated about alternative means of sanitary protection..not just cups, but sea sponges and the likes too, so they have a more diverse choice of what they want to use when that 'time' comes.

Thoughts anyone?

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