Nikki<3 (nikisazombie) wrote in menstrual_cups,


Y'all... today went WONDERFULLLY!

Seriously. I flipped the Diva, and it worked. :) It still sits very very low. But it was SO much more comfy. :) It did take a bit to insert it the first time, because the inside is slippier and I was not used to that. But once I figured out how I needed to do it, it was no problem.

I still can't pee with it in. But that is honestly not that big of a deal.

I AM thinking... if I keep this Diva... that I"m going to get some cloth pads for nighttime use. Because I wake up several times during the night... and I would rather not have to deal with removing and insertion when I'm half asleep. :P

But y'all... I'm so happy. :) It felt... weird when I first got it in, just like the first time.. but that quickly disappeared and I couldn't even feel it... until I had to pee. (Then I was reminded of it. I tried, but nothing happened, so I knew I needed it out.)

So... I guess cups work for me. :) The Diva is alright, I like it SO much better than pads and tampons. (They don't dry me out! Heck yeah!)

So... I want to thank the folks who told me to try flipping it. :) Because that's working like a charm. :D
Tags: divacup, inside-out
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