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Good News about removing stains!

Dear cup users-
I contacted Lunette and got a response regarding using 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean the stains from cups. Specifically, what happened was that I remembered that peroxide removes blood from clothing and thought I would try to use it the cup. I poured the 3% peroxide straight into a plastic container and then put the cup in it so that it was covered by the liquid. I checked it all day and marveled as it magically turned back to its original silicon color, looking more like it did from the box. I then went to this forum to prove to myself that I didn't do any permanent harm to the cup, thinking that surely, other cup users had tried this too. All I found was a link to a page that took me to a list of materials and their effects on silicon. I noticed that the peroxide listed was 100% and that mine was a mixture containing only 3% and thought that must make a difference. That is what made me contact the Lunette representative. She said:

I finally got a answer from our manufacturer today. They say that a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution will not be absorbed by the silicone regardless of soak time at room temperature.  Sounds like you are fine!

Therefore, if you can't bear to look at a stained silicon (not rubber) cup (I hate to), soak yours like I did mine and it will be all pretty again:) It took about 7 or 8 hours to get rid of the staining. Also, it hasn't stained again yet and it has been 2 cycles. If it does, I'm just going to soak from now on. Just in case you are interested, I also boil my cup when I want it extra germ free. Finally, I bought a Diva because I was away from home and my period came early. It just doesn't compare to the ease of use of the Lunette for those of you who are trying to learn how to get the hang of cups in general. The Diva is so soft that it doesn't easily come open. The Lunette is much stiffer and pops open lickity split! If you can't get a Lunetter or don't like their price, find another cup that is FIRM.
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