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Growing Frustrations with the DivaCup!!

Okay, I am new to the menstrual cup community. I had never even heard of a menstrual cup until about two months ago. When I read the benefits of menstrual cups vs. tampons and pads, I just had to get one. I have a very heavy flow so it seemed awesome to think I would be able to have something protecting me for up to twelve hours a day. I ordered the Diva Cup small, since I am 23 and have never had any children. I was a bit nervous about getting a cup because my gyno told me that I have a very low cervix. Then I thought, well I can use a tampon and I am able to have sex so I don't see why a menstrual cup would be a problem.

The first day I put it in I was able to make the cup open fully but when I would walk around I could feel it. It didnt hurt it was just irritating, I had read these reviews from women saying how they didnt feel their cups, and if you are able to feel your cup, something is wrong. However, I didnt leak during the day at all, that was saved for that night. I went to sleep that night, way too cocky, I didnt put on a pad with my cup because I thought I had already mastered it.. I leaked all over myself that night. The next day I didnt leak once at all. My boyfriend and I went out and everything and  I didnt leak. I then went online to see why I was able to feel my cup and realized that since my cervix is so low I might need to turn the cup inside out to shorten in. I did this and I couldnt feel it inside of me, it was great. Then again I leaked that night, also. The next day I read online that I should make sure my cervix is in the cup, I found my cervix, put the cup in, twisted it, did my Kegels and felt around to make sure I couldnt feel my cervix. That night I leaked again!!

At this point I don't know what to do. I dont know if Im still doing something wrong, since I know that Im getting suction because I can hear/ feel it when I take out my cup, Im twisting the cup, doing Kegels, turned the cup inside out, made sure my cervix was in the cup and I keep leaking. I dont know if something is just wrong with my body that I cant wear a cup or if I got the wrong cup. The other thing that bothers me is that I only seem to leak at night, during the day I am fine. The area where I leak is always in the front. The top of the pad onto the underwear.  I dont know if that means anything. Does anyone have any suggestions as to whats going on with my leaking?
Should I get another cup? If the answer is yes, which kind should I get?

Tags: leakage & spotting, sleeping

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