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Well.... alright then! :)

My period is early this month? Go figure, it's on Valentine's Day! Yeah, baby! (said slightly sarcastically. ROFL)

Anyways. Ow. Just... lots of ow. I'm not really CRAMPING, but just... very sensitive. I know that my first day is my worst... so maybe it'll get better.

I got the cup in. :) I used the punch down fold. It went in fine, didn't just instantly pop out, but I finagled it open. It's... not in there very deep? The stem is not all the way in, but it's not going up or anything so maybe it just sits there? The only problem is... oh yeah... there's a problem... it feels... the only thing I can compare it to is a full tampon. It feels like it's gonna just fall right out, but I know it's not. I mean... it's not going anywhere, it's in there pretty good.

I know.. that it feels better now than when I put it in at 7. That was when my flow started, I'm guessing. I didn't "get" that anything was going on past normal discharge until I wiped. So... yup. :)

Sorry, y'all. I'm just not in the best mood. I have one hell of a cold, and am in pain. Almost a cramping pain but not quite. I don't know if I have this in right, but I *do* know that I"m sleeping with a pad. Just because... the whole area is just hurting, it's hard for me to fall and stay asleep most nights, and I would rather get over the learning curve during the day.

But the good news? I'm NOT giving up, and I'm NOT beating myself up because it's hard. :) Also-- I took it out once because I was fairly sure it was not in right (I couldn't pee! Literally!)... and it was easy, and I didn't spill one drop of blood. It was all right there in the cup. :) (Well... blood and what looked like white snot. That was... interesting.)

*edit @ 10:40 pm*
I am giving up... for the night. ;) I'll try again in the morning, I'm rather sore... and I still can't pee while the cup is in. For some reason, that is not striking me as a good thing. I sat here, and pretty much forgot about it until I stood up and the "that's not right" feeling came back. I'll try flipping it tomorrow.. I'll have more time, and probably more patience then. :)

Oh, and it did not leak. It opened all the way. :) SO... kinda moving the vaginal wall around the dented part of the cup and kinda moving the cup around worked. And taking it out, once again was no problem. I just kinda wiggled it back and forth and s-l-o-w-l-y drew it down. If it felt like it was pulling, I stopped, and then started again. It kinda felt funky there at the end, but still. No problems. :) I hope tomorrow is better! I'm going to give this cup a good honest shot before playing the "Do I need another cup" game. ;)
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