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Lunette News

I suppose this is good news for people who are just DYING to see a new Lunette color, but perhaps not so good news for those who really love Lunette Diana:

The Lunette Green Diana is going to be discontinued soon.  But it will be replaced by a new color.  I put more details about this in  mc_sales, over tot he right under "welcome" for those of you who are first-time lurkers .  I can't get the link to work here :( 

I have not yet heard what the new color is going to be...  But as soon as I know, I will spread the word!  And of course show everyone with a video and photos :)  I'm kind of on pins and needles to find out though, lol.

By the way, Lunette usually posts about these things on Facebook, so if you haven't added them there yet, its a good idea.  I did see a video once on Youtube showing several possible colors of Lunette.  They haven't come out yet, they are just experimental.  But it makes me wonder which one will be next...  Here's a link to it:  

I personally think Yellow, pink or purple would be lovely.

How about you?
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