heatha_featha28 (heatha_featha28) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Some loosely related questions...

1. For owners of multiple cups of varying squishiness: what makes you select one or the other in a given cycle if both work well? I have Med melunas in soft and klassic, they both work for me but I was wondering about the advantages of one or the other in certain cituations. If you were going to be more or less active, or sleeping, or swimming, or yoga-ing (etc) Which one would you opt for?

2. For cuppers with bad cramps: what do you do/take for them. Im on a continuing journey of going super-hippie-granola-organic-girl...but have not been able to give up Naproxen sodium for the first day of my period...Anyone take primrose oil??

3. For cupping swimmers: water-in-the-cup issues... If you don't have these issues...HOW!? Should I not be frog-legging it? Perhaps your swimming style, or water depth range is telling???

 Please spare no details :) and feel free to refer me to any posts that may be relevant!


Happy cupping!

Tags: cramps, meluna, meluna - soft, sports/physical activities
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