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 Hello all!

I hope I am posting this to the correct spot? I am completely new to this and found it a more than a little confusing figuring how to post here and everything ha! Anyway, the lovely members of this community helped me decide to try a menstrual cup, and by lurking through these posts helped me successfully through my first period using a menstrual cup! I was so excited! I kinda got a little excited about menstrual cups and went on a bit of a cup spending spree: I have a small lunette (diana), a small lady cup (turquoise), and a medium meluna soft in pink! And I got a chance to use all of them at least once during this last period, and I can honestly say I really liked all of them! Maybe in time one will become a true favorite?

I had heard of menstrual cups before, but I had dismissed them as "crazy."  I came across them again about a month ago and this time decided to do more research before dismissing the idea. Everything I found was exciting, but all of the stories of difficulties did leave me a bit intimidated! But for anyone out there maybe feeling a little intimated, don't be! I had success with the punch down fold and the 7 fold mostly, but I did use a C fold with the lunette once and it worked just fine. Menstrual cups are amazing! Never going back to tampons!!!

Anyway, just want to share my success and say thank you! I'm eager to learn more about menstrual cups and help anyone who needs it!
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