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 Hello all!  Im a lurker, and have done so for the purpose of researching menstrual cups.  You're all so knowledgeable and have answered just about all of my questions.  But I still have a few that i wasnt quite able to find while digging through your posts.  I apologize for any rambling.  :)

I just purchased a couple different brands online and am currently waiting for their arrival.  It seems as though everyone has their fave brand(s).  I decided on trying two different kinds so i could better decide what works best for me.  I went with the fleurcup and meluna soft both in the large.  My period is preeeetty heavy for about 3 days.  And then for at least a day, sometimes up to three, my flow will be so light that i often dont need anything.  BUT for the sake of not ruining any underwear, ill sometimes wear a light tampon anyhow.  During the first day of my period (and sometimes trailing into the second) i tend to experience some gnarly cramps.  Sometimes they are debilitating and sometimes theyre somewhat bearable. ANYhow, one of my questions is, will the cup increase or add to cramping?  Ive gathered from this group that as long as its inserted properly and comfortably, i shouldnt hafta worry.  BUT has anyone personally experienced an INCREASE in cramping and/or discomfort even when knowing that it IS in there properly?  

I also make it a point to drink lots of water throughout the day which results in me using the restroom often.  Sometimes I feel as though i need to go again soon after already having done so. Basically, i pee A LOT.  Will the cup increase this urge?

Lastly, im not on any form of birth control and dont plan on doing so at anytime soon...just not for me.  And so i dont know EXACTLY when i will be getting my period every month.  Ive learned to predict it by changes in my body and those darling cramps i was talking about.  I currently keep tampons on me at all times, just for the sake of not being left high and dry.  What im wondering is, if i keep my cup in my purse for, well....always i guess....will i have to worry about it becoming misshapen from being squished in there all the time?  would you advise against it?
  Thanks for reading my post!
Tags: cramps, fleurcup, meluna, urination

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