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Need help choosing a new cup...

Hello, my fellow cup ladies! I have been using a menstrual cup for a long time, so I guess you could think of me as somewhat of a veteran. However, despite the fact I've been using one for about three and a half years (I got it in September 2008), I've never been able to make my cup work completely. I still prefer it greatly over the nasty, disposable, chemical-filled alternatives, but I would like to be able to not worry about leaking.

The cup I've been using all this time is the small DivaCup. I'm 20, I've had sex, and I haven't given birth. At first, there was so much leakage that I would use paper towels as backup and get a new one every handful of hours. Then I started to get less leakage, but there was still some. To this day, I use a cloth as backup (hey, I had to use those ShamWows for something).

One of the things I can't stand about the DivaCup is how soft the material is. It makes it so difficult to pop open! It seems like even when I can twist it around easily, there's always that one little dent at the front near the middle/top (and yes, I do aim up and diagonally toward my tailbone). So I'm thinking that the DivaCup's softness is at least one factor preventing me from getting a good seal. It actually used to go way up inside of me, to the point where removal was very hard. Now it stays lower, but it still creeps up at least a tiny bit from its original position.

I know the DivaCup is the longest cup, but I don't know if it's correctly positioned around my cervix. I've tried to fish around for it, and I've heard it "feels like the tip of your nose," but I just can't find it. Plus, it's not like all my fluid just goes right past my cup; a pretty big portion if it still goes in. Sometimes 1/2 or 3/4 of it is filled while the rest spills onto the cloth. So I really don't think my cervix has anything to do with it...

I'm thinking of getting a large Lunette since it's apparently made of stiffer material. I need something that pops open so that it doesn't end up having a dent and crawling up into my vagina. I also like its capacity; I'm not really sure how heavy I would consider my period, but regardless, I like the convenience of not having to empty a cup more than a couple times a day. That being said, does the Lunette sound like it'd be a good fit for me? I want to make sure before I spend the moolah on it.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, divacup, leakage & spotting, lunette
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