ecocup720 (ecocup720) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Instead success story!

 Hi all,

I am now in love with Insteads. When I first started using them, I thought they were a hassle and extremely messy, but now I have gotten the hang of it. 

Here are some tips/ideas:

- instead of trying to remove it and empty it; bear down and let the contents empty into the toilet, then remove the cup (I fold up toilet paper, then use it to grab onto the edge of the cup). 
- push the instead cup back  NOT up.
- rinse your cup with very hot water and feminine wash and reuse it.
- rinse your cups after use and recycle them. 

I also have a Diva and Lady Cup that I will switch out with Insteads. Cups are wonderful and I am so happy that i found this website! 

Thanks everyone! 
Tags: cleaning, insertion, instead, success stories

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