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Considering making the change

Hello all, I'm new and very confused.
I've checked the tags for new-to-cups posts but they didn't seem to answer my questions.
So, first thing's first. I'm 24 years old, non-virgin, no kids, but I have a very slender(?) and short vaginal canal. After reading a recent post about cervix positioning etc and seeing pictures of charts posted...I'm even more confused. I'm interested in cups because they're more eco-friendly than tampons/pads and, well, I can't comfortably fit a tampon into my vagina without feeling like I'm in serious discomfort and pads leave much to be desired when it comes to cleanliness and neatness when you have a heavy flow like mine.

Here are my questions:

1) How does one measure where the cervix is? I'm not currently menstruating, but if I feel my cervix while standing, it's about 1.5" deep, if that. If I do it while lying down, it's a whole 2.5" deep. So, I'm looking for some help on this matter. Do I measure it while standing or lying down?

2) As mentioned above, I have a very narrow canal. I don't enjoy penetration of any kind and thus, don't partake in it...which means that anything more than a finger's width up my vagina leaves me feeling uncomfortable and sore. Are there any cups that are small enough to fit around my low cervix that won't do too much damage to my narrow insides? If so, how does one go about the sizing process? That chart honestly left me confused.

3) Lastly, is a Diva cup the same as a Moon cup etc? To me, all menstrual cups look the same and are made of the same materials but people seem to have preferences. I'd just like to know where these preferences come from.

Thank you ahead of time for your help.
Tags: first time use

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