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Keeper Moon Cup and Fleurcup Comparison

I've had my small Keeper Mooncup since December 2009.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who does know anything about "down there" and a virgin.  It took me five months to figure out how to get it in and out let alone use it!  Anyway I was having problems with my Moon Cup leaking on my "low" cervix days.

I can barely touch my cervix at it's lowest point my 1st and 4th days of my cycle. And it was on only those days my cup leaked! The leaking was very slight warranting only a pantyliner.

I tried everything, different folds, pointing the folds in a different direction, etc. In the end I decided that my cervix does not like Hugs!! Especially hugs from my cup >.<
Thus I got a Fleurcup, which is shorter and lovely looking grip rings after the slipperiness of a leaking Moon Cup.

Well the grips lines are.... slippery! Lol!  I was not excepting that, but at lest it's not slippery from leaks.  I only had one leak with my small PINK (I love the color PINK!!) Fleurcup, which I think was a freak accident.  Somehow a string of "slime"  (don't know what it's really called it's blood that acts like a string) threaded itself through on of the holes. O.0

The purpose of the small Fleurcup was to wear it on my low cervix days.  I ended up wearing my entire six day cycle minus eight hours I wore my Moon Cup.  The eight hours I wore my Moon Cup it leaked!! On a day that it never leaks!  So after that I just stuck with my new small PINK Fleurcup.


Moon Cup:  I like the length of the stem.
                      I dislike it being hollow.
                      The stem is not as stiff.
Fleurcup:     I like the grips (once I dry it off with my fingers first), and love that it is solid.
                      I dislike the length, I wish it was longer.
Moon Cup:  I like the general shape.
                      I dislike the slipperiness!
Fleurcup:     I like the grip rings (once dry).
                      The base is stiffer.

Moon Cup:  I have no preference.  It is squishier than the Fleurcup.

Moon Cup:  I hate it.  I have extreme dislikes for the "double rim".  I find it hard to insert on the first and last two days of my cycle.  In fact on the last two days, I usually ignore my period (not recommend if you like your underwear stainless) all I will wear is pantyliners.
Fleurcup:     I love it!  It goes in no matter what day of my cycle it is.  I even wore it on the last two days of my cycle O.0 I am thrilled!

Moon Cup:  I like the six holes.
                      I dislike the size but if I really wanted to I could enlarge them, and the location under the second ring.
Fleurcup:     I like the size and location.
                      I dislike that there is only four holes!

Moon Cup:  I like the smooth surface because I don't feel like I am going it scratch it.
                      I dislike the inside!  The spill rings, the small holes, writing  and the hollow stem.
Fleurcup:     I like the easy of cleaning!  Larger holes, no writing, solid stem, and even the grips rings are easy to clean.
                      I dislike the matte surface.  I feel like I am going to scratch it. :-S

Has anyone had problems with washing their Fleurcup with Baking Soda?  I don't want to scratch the matte surface.
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