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NEW BRAND; cups relieving dizziness?

There seems to be another new brand - MissCup!
they're based in Brazil and this is their site: (portuguese only)
like mooncup, they call their sizes B and A, and the dimensions are quite interesting: B is 40 mm wide and A is 43 mm wide. both are 56 mm long (plus a 16 mm stem which they say you can trim but not cut off completely, LOL). They say the capacity is about 30ml, I assume this is for the large size to brim. so, kinda similar to the diva and their small size seems like a great choice for virgins/teens with high cervixes, that's the narrowest long cup.

they have an online store and seem to ship worldwide, at least you can choose any country in the list while buying... though obviously i didn't check :D btw for others who speak/understand Portuguese: the FAQ on their store's page is easier to use than the one on the main site. there's really nothing special there though (well, they recommend replacing every 2-3 years and claim discoloration is a sign that the silicone is deteriorating.. eh)

Also, my mum is now a happy cup user! &hearts She's 45 and uses a large green donna. She's been always very dizzy on the first one or even two days of her period and she finds the cup relieves that! Obviously I'm happy for her, but I'm really confused why this can happen XD Now that I think of it, I also have not only cramps but a bit of dizziness at once as soon as I remove my cup... but the difference is not as drastic as in her case. So, any idea why this works? :D Does anyone else find that cup use helps with the dizziness?

small pic, so no cut=ok? click "show picture" to see the large version
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