Mr. Whippel, his German cousin (ashes_to_roses) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Mr. Whippel, his German cousin

Re-purchasing decisions, Meluna

The best way to find something is to replace it.

The cups I lost were a Large soft Meluna and its free sample, a Medium classic.

I'm wondering whether or not to make my next purchase a Large soft or classic. The soft has had trouble popping open, but the classic model's rims are quite thick on the medium. The Medium classic takes longer to remove for me because it's smaller and mine is(was) a ball stem. (My Large soft is a long stem, which is lovely.)

Specific question: Are the rims on the Large classic larger and/or thicker than the Medium? If they are, I'll stick to the soft type simply because it hurts less to insert. If not, perhaps the correct size of classic model would be right for me.

It would be great if we could choose the size of our free samples from Meluna. ^_^ Alas, a free sample alone is excellent enough.
Tags: buying decisions, meluna

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