alynng08 (alynng08) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette Selene and Fluconazale 150mg for yeast.

So, yes as I previously posted, I got a new Lunette Selene Model 2 and the Lunette Feel Better Liquid Wash. I love how pretty it is, and thanks to this group i decided it was my best choice. Anyways does anyone know if Menstrual Cup usage is by any way connected to getting yeast infections, mines almost gone since I took a single dose Fluconazale "Deflucin" 150mg pill for Vaginal Thrush yesterday afternoon. But I really don't know how I got it in the first place, so I don't know. I use a Diaphragm with spermicide for contraceptive purposes, I was thinking the spermicide caused it, but anyways does washing your hands before and after handling a cup help avoid possible vaginal infections.
Tags: yeast infections
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