notmineever (notmineever) wrote in menstrual_cups,

BV and cups?

 Hi All, 

I absolutely love my small Lunette, I really do. It's made life so much easier! Except for one thing: I've had BV TWICE since I started using the cup 6 months ago. I never had it before I used a cup, and I suspect the first time (right after I started using it) was because I was using regular soap to clean it. So I stopped using regular soap; now I just use water. I boil it between periods, too, and I use cloth liners, not disposables.

And now I have BV again, right after my period finished. It's so frustrating. 

Everything I've read says that cups should alleviate BV, not cause it.  But I really never had problems before. Could it be my cup? (I hope it's not...I like it too much.)
Tags: cleaning, health risks, lunette
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