snacksyze (snacksyze) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Fleur vs. MeLuna soft + MeLuna soft questions

Hey everybody!

I have a bunch of questions for those of you who've used both the small fleur AND either the small or medium MeLuna soft.

I'm a first time cup user (29, no births, not a virgin), and I went with the small fleur for it's capacity, and since a lot of posters in here seem very happy with it. However, I felt that it was pressing on my bladder when in, so I'd like to try something softer. I found that my flow is light enough that I should be able to use the small MeLuna (small fleur not even 1/3 filled after 12h on my lighter days). However, I got confused by these two squishiness charts: and which rate the MeLunas completely differently. So here go my questions (all relating to the soft version of the MeLuna):

1. Are the small and medium MeLunas really softer or (about) as stiff as the small fleur?

2. In your opinion, how noticable is the wideness of the MeLuna M compared to the small fleur? I bought a big fleur with the small one, and it should be similar in wideness to the M and L MeLunas, right? But to me, it looks like my bladder-issue might prevent me from using something that wide. However, since the shapes are so different, it might be ok? (BTW: No matter how low or high I insert the small fleur, it goes to it's preferred spot - I don't have much of a saying in its positioning.)

3. Have you ever had a problem with S or M MeLunas suddenly losing suction while playing sports or otherwise? I play volleyball and handball (European style, which involves a lot of sudden movements and slamming into other people and the floor, so I'm a bit nervous about that. I had no problem while wearing the fleur.

4. Has anyone tried to order more than one MeLuna at a time? Did you recieve one free sample per "first" or just one in total? They do still give out free samples with orders, right?

5. Can the fleurcup be sterilized in the MeLuna sterilisation cup using the same procedure?

All your answers and/or any additional information you can give will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance:)
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cleaning - sterilising solution, fleurcup, meluna - soft, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, sports/physical activities
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