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MY OWN comparisons between Diva and Meluna

I first bought a Diva Cup(size A) which I totally love. Cycle 1 with the cup made my vagina really sore at times when I needed 20 minutes to get it to open inside. But once I found the right technique(with punch down fold), it became a breeze. I'm now on day 5 of Cycle 2 and I have to say the past 4 days had been so very successful. Especially Day 1 I was at a friend's house for Chinese New Year celebration and I had my cup in the night before. I didn't know when my period came but when I checked the cup that night, it was full which meant my period came that early morning(as usual) and I wasn't even aware of it the entire day. My cup saved me from a possible embarrassing episode and a messy underwear.

Insertion became so easy too and I could get it in within 5 seconds flat. The only problem I have with Diva is that the holes are really hard to clean and unless you have a needle on hand, it's really hard to get them washed out. After starting to use cups, my usage of pads decreased significantly. I am unlucky to have a SUPER DUPER heavy flow. It was so extreme every night i have to get 3 pads overlapping to prevent any leaks, but they still occur now and then. Then I discovered Sofy's 42cm pad which saved the day but it is so thick and stuffy they gave me really bad rashes. Furthermore, I'm a really active sleeper and I LOVE to roll around and sleep haywire in all positions at night. This caused side leaking every single time, even with the 42cm or 45cm wing pads. Cups totally eliminated this problem and I can toss and turn however I want now. This cycle so far I only used 2 x 42cm night pads and 2 day pads for my heaviest days(day 2 and day 3)(Before discovering cups, I use an average of 9 x 42cm night pads and 5 regular pads). The day pads act more like a prevention since I was out all night at friends' house for CNY celebrations and I didn't want to stain on their furniture. Plus it's not really convenient to change cups at other people's houses. Good news is, the cup did 85% of the job and I didn't have a single stain on my underwear all these days WHICH IS AN AMAZING FEAT to me. All my past periods I stained my underwear every single day and it was such a chore washing them out every night. Never have to do that ever again!

Moving on to Meluna, I bought them right after a few dry runs on my Diva. I got a soft Medium glitter Meluna with traditional stem and a soft small pink ring stem. The small cup is a totally failure and it gives me leaks 10 minutes into a dry run(that's how damn bad it is). So I suggest people with dangly or large cervix to not even consider buying the small one. I tried on the pretty glitter medium Meluna too and I could never for the life of me get it to open. Plus I was pretty turned off by the toxic smell Melunas gave out so I left them alone and never touched them again. Till yesterday I decided not to waste my meluna since I bought them for quite a hefty price so I took out the Medium one, determined to get it right. Tried inserting it in the bathroom and surprisingly, after a little twisting and turning, I got it to open up! The suction felt good so I decided not to wear a backup pad. Lasted me the entire night till today's afternoon when I felt the suction come loose. Rushed to the toilet it has just started leaking a bit, but luckily I reacted fast enough, it hasn't reached my underwear yet. Removed it and amazed to find the cup fairly empty. There was only about 1.5cm of blood in the cup. Have no idea why it started leaking all of a sudden because I was just sitting down and not doing anything else. But what really impressed me is that the holes are not at all clogged up by blood!! It is SO easy to wash it and insert it back. Unfortunately, luck wasn't at my side anymore and I tried 3 times to get the cup in to no avail. I would have kept on trying but for some reasons the cup kept pressing on some organ or whatever really badly and it hurts like crazy. I've never had this problem with my Diva and I didn't want to torment myself even further so I went to get my Diva and that's it.

People say that not every cup fits everyone and we just have to keep trying till we find the cup that fits us best. I think my perfect cup is the Diva since it works flawlessly for me. However, I do love the soft traditional stem of the Meluna which initially I was planning to chop off completely just like I did to my Diva. Luckily I didn't because it is so comfortable and I couldn't feel it at all whereas my Diva stem poked and irritated me really bad. And I got to admit the Meluna stem made locating and pulling the cup out so much easier but on the other hand I discovered the Meluna has a much stronger suction than Diva and it is harder and more painful to break the suction and get it out. Also, I love the hassle-free holes of Meluna and for Diva it's quite a pain in the ass trying to clean out the holes.

In conclusion(and IMHO):

-Very easy to open with right technique
-Very reliable
-Stem is irritating
-Really hard to clean the holes
-Boring Colour

Soft Meluna:
-Soft comfortable stems
-Too strong of a suction
-Hard to get it to open
-Smells Toxic
-Suction breaks for no reasons
-Holes don't clog up thus easier to wash

End off with a picture of my 3 cups:
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