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Beginner's doubts about diva cup

 I have read many entries in this very helpful forum in an attempt to get through the "learning curve" of menstrual cups, but I still have some doubts that haven't quite been answered.  I know everyone's body is different, but I would greatly appreciate some advice about my specific problems about positioning, and above all, removal.  I am using the pre-childbirth size diva cup (and I am a virgin).   I am on my period right now and have tried to use it only a few times because every time my vagina gets so beat up from it that I have to stop and wait till the next day when it doesn't hurt as much.

I have no trouble actually inserting it.  Getting it to pop open, on the other hand, is hard.  I have read advice that suggests trying to get it to open just after the rim is inside, with the bottom part still outside the vagina.  I haven't been successful with this yet.  So far I've found if I push it in farther and fiddle around with it, it will eventually open, but then I have more problems, because it slips wayyy up there into awkward crooked positions (especially if I stand up and then sit down and try to grab at it again).

 I thought it was supposed to sit lower in the vagina than a tampon, but the cup just slides right up there and becomes impossible to grab in the attempt to reposition.  I can only fit one finger at a time way up high, and I can't even quite reach the rim even when my whole index finger is inside.  So then I find myself very painfully and desperately pressing the cup against the wall of my vagina with that one finger as I try to "bear down" and coerce it to move down to where I can grab it (I think maybe the tab on the end lodges into the wall and pokes me).  I don't really know HOW to make it come down by bearing down; that only helps make it slightly more reachable but doesn't actually MOVE it down.  

So basically it's an epic struggle to get it out, by which time my vagina is in too much pain to attempt again to properly insert it.  What should I do?
Tags: divacup, insertion, popping open, removal, removal - painful or problems
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