Elarion (elarion) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time Divacup user

Hello, you lovely community. At the nudging of my roommate, I started to use the Divacup just yesterday (conveniently on sale at my local Planet Organic, I might add!)...and while I haven't really had any problems with leaking, I've had a bit of an issue with getting it all the way in. When the cup is fully opened, the stem still protudes from my vaginal opening a little. This is after I've trimmed it down to about 1/4", mind you. It is mildly irritating, but I'm just wondering more whether it should protrude at all.

I'm wondering if this is just because I have the previously mentioned 'short vagina' in a few other posts, or whether I really do just need to trim the whole damn stem off. Any help would be much appreciated! For information's sake, I'm 22, not a virgin but no kids, and using the size 1 cup. I know the Divacup is one of the longest cups, so could it be that I just need a shorter one (Meluna medium, for example)?
Tags: divacup, stem length/trimming

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