jezy22 (jezy22) wrote in menstrual_cups,

pumping the cup?

First period with a menstrual cup (#2 divacup) = total success once I got past the learning curve. this damn thing is awesome.

Soo.. right as my period was ending I got my soft medium glitter meluna in the mail. I have a heavy discharge after my period so I thought would be a great time to try it.  It is a lot different than the diva as far as popping up and such, so what I started to do was inset the meluna in the 7-fold (this thing is way too teeny for the punch down....) and "pump" the cup. I've put it in my vagina, pushed it up, pulled it down, pushed it back up, repeat. I have a high cervix, and by the end of my cycle with the diva I'd just pop it in in the punch-down fold, squeeze the base and be on my way. With the meluna I have to work to get it to pop and suck. but after I do the pumping thing a couple times, that thing has got some wicked suction.

My question is, is the "pumping" of this cup dangerous as far as air and such in my vag? It may seem silly but I am not trying to be the first person to ever die of a menstrual cup induced cerebral aneursym. I understand that a penis does essentially the same thing but I'm not sure a penis is quite as suction-ey or aerodynamic as this meluna............. :)

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