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Diva Cup lecked in the bath???

ok so this is my first menstrual cup. It is the size one diva cup. When i got the cup I did a dry run and is was great. :)
So today is the first time I have used the cup with my period and I wore it for 7 hrs and it did not leak!! But later I decided to take a bath and it started to leak so so so much the bath water was turning red. So I drained the bath and had a shower.  After I had the shower and emptied the cup I put it back in and so far it has not leaked.
So can you tell me maybe why it leaked in the bath? Also do you think if I go swimming it will not leak? I am also  starting to take swimming lessons to be a life guard and really really need it to not leak.  
It would be amazing if you could helped me thanks.
Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting, sports/physical activities
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