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n00b needs some help

 Hello all, I'm fairly new to this community, just been lurking for a week or two but I do need your help! 
I just got a diva cup size 1, and that thing is giving me a hell of a time. A quick background, I'm 22, not a virgin, no kids, and have been using tampons for the past 10 years. The problem? I can't for the life of me get the cup in far enough. I was relieved at first that I'm not one of the unfortunate new users who get it lost up there for a while, but now I'm *sad face* that I'm the complete opposite lol. I've only been doing dry runs, which I suspect (hope) is part of the problem, but when i was feeling around up there, I think its my anatomy more then anything. 
I cant seem to get the cup far enough past my pelvic bone. I know thats where it would be most comfortable because Ive had to go digging for tampon strings in the past (gross, sorry) and tampons always comfortably sat right on top of the ridge of my pelvic bone. Its also keeping the cup from popping open. I mean its unfolding, but because the cup is sitting next to the bone instead of on top of it, its pushing the cup into an oval instead of a circle. Its also quite uncomfortable. On that note, is it normal to have such a pronounced pubic/pelvic (not sure which it would be called) bone? To the point it would effect the cup, or that I could use it like a tampon shelf? (tmi again! woo!) 

Ive tried flipping the cup inside out, cutting off the stem so I can get better leverage on it while trying to push it up, and trying to kegal it up and nothing has worked.
I don't *think* the cup is hitting the top of my vagina, but I cant really tell. I cant feel it up there and it doesn't hurt when I push it. And I know for a fact i can *ahem* ...fit things longer then a diva cup up there.  That being said, the only other thing I can think of is that is just somehow too long for me. 

Im baffled. 
Also just to clarify its the bone on the back front wall of my vagina, about half an inch up. I really am a noob sometimes xD
Tags: divacup, dry run, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, sizes/size issues

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