Meadow Lotus Song (missanthropii) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Meadow Lotus Song

another one bites the dust!

I'll start with a funny story and then I have a couple of questions!

I have been using cups for about 6 years and am on my third one... the first one I accidentally boiled dry and upsettingly destroyed, luckily i didn't burn my house down though! The second one was stolen from the bathroom in the night by one of my kittens (the door was shut I'm sure, they broke in!) who thought it was a great toy. A very expensive cat toy if you ask me! At first i thought a good boil would be all it needed, but when I looked more closely they had damaged it beyond use. Both of my first 2 had been Mooncup UK size B. I have got on well with this from day 1 and saw no reason to try a different brand (apart from the fact i would quite like a coloured cup).

So for my third one I again plumped for Mooncup. Thing is I am 31 and hoping to have a baby. I had a miscarriage, so at this point it's hopeful that any cycle might be the last one I have for a while. I couldn't decide whether to get another B as this had been working great for me, or whether to get an A given I am now over 30 (of course i know nothing magical happens on your 30th birthday, but I thought if I was coming to the cup situation naively now I would probably have gone for an A as this is what it advises) and hoping to soon have a baby. i decided on the A, thinking with good luck on our side a B wouldn't be of use for long.

I haven't much kept up with livejournal for a few months so was quite shocked to see the new design. I also had some teething problems - difficult to get in, difficult to pop open, and some leaks. Cycle 2 and i would say i think i have got the knack of it now, however I don't love it nearly as much as my old mooncup, in fact I wouldn't really say i loved it at all, better than tampons, but that's all really. At first I thought it was to do with the new size, but on reflection I think it is probably much more to do with the squishiness of this one compared to the old design. I would say in its favour though that this one comes clean with much less effort than the old design!

I would like to get a different brand of cup as I think i prefer a firmer style. i would also like one more similar in size to the mooncup UK B.

I have looked at the charts and I know mooncup UK old style was a 7 on squishiness, but how about the new style? Where does that rank in squishiness? maybe compared to a different brand if not with a score out of 10. I'm guessing it's not as soft as a meluna soft or a yuuki, but how about compared with a diva or a lunette? Or indeed compared with anything else that is on the chart so I can get an idea what would be firmer than this!

I have been considering a MeLuna Klassik because of the range of colours, but i am confused by the different squishiness ratings of the medium and the large (I wouldn't get a small that would be way too small for me I think). Is the medium one so stiff as to be difficult to use?

Thanks for your help xxx
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, meluna, mooncup (uk)
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