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2nd Cup Purchase

I have purchased a small Lunette Diana that I've used the past two periods with great success ( I actually wanted my period to  come this second month so I could use it) but I would like to purchase another cup for backup and/or just for a change of pace. Here's the past:
I purchased a small Ladycup but it was just too slippery I had the worst time getting it out
I have a small Mia but the size is really too large, I have a pretty light flow, but that was the first one I got in and out without a struggle ( I bought it mostly because its pink)
I purchased the Lunette size small and it was perfect, have used it for two periods without significant issues, and are getting to be quite the pro with it.
I thought about purchasing a selene, because I'm so in love with the brand, but I wish they'd come out with other colors.
So what would my best options be for a cup that is very similar to the Lunette (small) I have already? I love the Lunette and would prefer a colored cup if possible with similar squishiness and size/capacity.
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