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Well... today I received my very first cup. It's a Diva, and I got size 2. Well... fatigue and my entire right jaw hurting due to a stupid wisdom tooth coming in... I decided to do a "dry run" (ROFL)

Ok... well.. I did the C-fold since that was pretty much the only one I could remember, had no problems getting it in... and y'all... I must have a huge vagina. That's all I'm going to say, because I could still get a couple fingers in there. It did not pop open. I tried it with the fold down and then with the fold up. But as I was taking it out (no problems there!) it would pop open. Yeah.

No soreness or anything like that... I don't know if it will be comfy or not, but I guess I'll see next month? AF just left last week.

:) I'm just happy it's here. And I actually like the pouch. But purple IS my favorite color! :)
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