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Meluna Questions

Hi:D I have a few questions about the Meluna...I currently have a small Ladycup (stem cut off) , and find the ladycup hard to remove at end of my period, esp after being in all night.

I was researching on the Meluna (soft) and it looks pretty good (esp the glitter one!).  
I like the look of the meluna with a ring stem, does anyone have one of these, and if so, does it work well with the ring? I cut my stem off my ladycup cus I can't stand anything poking not sure if the ring would do that? 
Also, when I was watching a video demo of the meluna, I noticed it looked pretty large around the rim...does any one have a lady cup or lunette who can compare for me if the rim of the meluna is bigger or pretty much the same size? 
I would get a medium one because I have heard the small is very small, but hope it isn't too much bigger than the ladycup?
It looks like the TPE material they use to make the meluna is just as safe as silicone (I hope!)
sorry about all the questions lol.
:) smiles, aussiegrl1 :)

(EDIT: I have made my decision, thankyou all for the bounty of helpful information you have shared! I have ordered a clear glitter soft Meluna, M sz with normal stem:) can't wait to get it:D

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, meluna - soft

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