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Fingernails chopping off stem unintentionaly; Diana/Selene - which stains less?

1) I usually use big Yuuki for my first two heavy flow days and small Lunette for lighter days that follow (3-6) and so far I've been mostly happy with both.
Few periods ago I noticed that the stem off my small lunette felt oddly stretchy when I was removing the cup. I inspected it and it appears that my using fingernail tips to grip the stem when pulling it out nearly cut the lowest part of the stem (just above the lowest ring where I always grip it). Few more uses and it would have cut off clean.
I've been using the same small lunette for 3 years now so it likely didn't happen overnight. I took the scissors and chopped of the lowest part of the stem so now I'm using the second ring as a grip. My stem is a bit shorter now but still long enough to catch my cup when it wonders away deep. 
I take it if I continue to use my nails to grip it, my second stem ring will be doomed in another 2-3 years as well.
Has this happened to anyone else or are my nails freakishly uniquely razor sharp like that? Is it just a lunette thing or all stems are susceptible to this?

2) I was thinking of ordering Diana or Selene Lunette (S) since the staining got worse over years with my clear one (+ the stem issue is a nice excuse for shopping). Which of these two stains less noticeably?
I used to use hydrogen peroxid to lighten it up a bit, but I'm lazy to do it often and it seems easier to just get the cup where staining is less obvious.
Tags: buying decisions, cup lifespan, lunette, lunette - limited edition, lunette selene, stem length/trimming

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