Mindy (jesminya) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Good first time experience so far!

I've lurked at this site off and on for a while, wanting to try out a cup for quite a while, but not feeling comfortable about plopping down the funds. Now that I'm an adult with my own money and bills and stuff, I realized that if this worked out I would be saving a ton of money when compared to disposable products that I didn't even like.

So the deciding process of getting one when I got some extra money? Yeah that was tough. I already used the Nuvaring which made me feel I was more comfortable with rooting around in there, and I had the idea my vagina was on the small-ish side, but I have a heavy flow on my first days. I decided on the Meluna soft, ball stem, since I think I would cut off a regular stem. Also, I like the color options for Meluna!

I received my package partway through my period, after I reinsert the Nuvaring. That was the only thing that made me nervous about using a cup. After figuring out insertion (took a little while, but after finding the right fold was easy), when I tried removal my Nuvaring popped out too (made a mess as well, had to throw the bathrug in the washing machine). I was worried. But, popped it back in, pushed it up properly, and have yet to have a problem again.

As a bonus, Meluna sent me a small classic sample. That thing really is tiny! But it seems it would work for the last day. I ordered a large Lunette to try before my Meluna arrived, for my heavier first days. I don't know if I will like it, since I love the soft texture of my Meluna a bunch, but I liked the pretty green color and higher volume.

Anyway, I wanted to share my success with first-time Meluna soft usage, since based on things I had read I was nervous about having that be my first cup, but after getting the right fold and still kinda figuring out removal, I think I'll be very happy with it. Sorry for the long post here but I felt like sharing. :3
Tags: first time use, meluna - soft, nuvaring, success stories

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