gotacola (gotacola) wrote in menstrual_cups,

modding fleur cup

I got a fleur cup for my heavier days and its been great for the extra capacity however I'm finding the grip rings around the base uncomfortable on removal. I recall seeing posts in the past where people have said they have filed theirs down. I'm just after advice on how to do it - what do you use to file them, how low do you go and do you need to try to round off the edges?

Also, this is my first cup with a tab stem - my others are ball stem melunas. I cut it to be just a little longer than a ball stem but I wore it to soccer training the other day and for the first time I felt the stem poking me. I'm not sure whether to cut it shorter or if its all in where I cut it. I cut it right up against a grip ring so it looks like this )-l-l-l (character "l" being the grip ring). Wondering if I should have cut it on the other side of the grip ring so it looks more like this )-l-l- . Or, do I need to file the edges where I cut it?
Tags: fleurcup, stem length/trimming
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