esquizita (esquizita) wrote in menstrual_cups,

(Big?) Meluna VS Small Lunette

 Hi everyone and thank you for allllll the information you share, it's so useful :-)

So this is my point: I've had a perfect small Lunette for one year, but for some reason my flow has become heavier and more "liquidish".

I've always liked the ball stem, so I was considering to buy a Meluna. Guess in that case it should be a big one, shouldn't it? I mean, wat about capacity? I make a mess myself with the charts, as some include the ball stem, whilst the "clasic" stem is longer , you know what I mean?

I also love the idea of getting a free sample ;-)

Any of you guys have tried both? Any advice? 

Thanks in advance to this great community we have created.

Tags: lunette, meluna
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