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Which cup? Also, confused about buying.

I reaaaally want to try out a menstrual cup. I'm 13, virgin(will the hymen affect it? I'm worried. If I even still have it, damn tampon. I can't really tell.), i have a pretty short vagina(eh, about 2-3 inches i have no idea about averages /shot), and a heavy flow. I go through a super tampon in about 3 hours, or rather that's whe it starts getting uncomfortable/slipping out ughhhh. Luckily, no cramps.  
I'm thinking about getting a medium meluna. Specifically, a blue glitter one with a reg. stem(cute, yes?). I've been lurking and heard they're pretty good, and you get free samples often, which is cool.
Does this sound like it would work for me? I don't have a ton of money. I've heard the small, is , well... really small, and I don't want a really big cup, since I'm pretty young. I want something comfortable, but I heard the soft ones are kinda harder to work? idk.
Any suggestions on which cups would be good for me would be nice c:

And also, since the site is based in the UK, they use pounds as currency, where as I live in the US. Can I use my mom's credit card to pay and they'll convert it or what? I'm really confused on how to buy.

I just hate having a wad of bleached cotton stuff up there all the time and I always fall asleep with a tampon in accidentaly. I do not need to get TSS. Oh god no.

Thanks for any and all help!

EDIT: i've decided on a meluna soft medium ball stem from the meluna site.

also, thanks to the people who helped me with the whole hymen thing-- i'm pretty sure i wasnt born with one, actually. strange.

you guys are the best! and i'll try to make my friends convert.. they're still in that 'omg plastic where?!' stage. haha c:
Tags: buying decisions, hymen, meluna, meluna - soft, sizes/size issues, where to buy

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