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Help! Is it the Divacup or is it me??

Hi all,

I've been doing a lot of reading on this forum and it has all been very helpful! I think I would have thrown in the towel days ago if not for the great info!

I am a first-time menstrual cup user. Bought a Divacup size 2, not really knowing what else was out there, based on some classmates who love their Diva cups! I am in my late 30's, have had 2 children vaginally. My cervix seems to move all over the place depending on the day, but overall is pretty low. This cycle is my first attempt with the cup, and it has been pretty rocky. I know there is a substantial learning curve, but I just don't know what else to do.

So, here are my questions/issues:

The first few days with the Divacup were very uncomfortable. Gradually trimmed the stem down to nothing and that helped tremendously, but still lots of pressure and discomfort, especially after wearing the cup for several hours. Seems like it migrates downward and then pushed down/out. When I had the stem, it would actually stick out! Yesterday, tried turning it inside out, and had even more trouble getting it to open up. Usually use the punch down or 7 fold, and have tried all the different tips with folding/insertion, and nothing seems to make it open easier. Anyway, finally got it to go, and it seemed like the placement was higher than usual, and for the first time I couldn't feel it! Thought I had a major victory. Went to work out, and after a few hours, felt lots of low pressure again and sure enough the cup was way low and almost pushing out. It seems like the longest I can keep the cup in before it starts hurting is maybe 4-6 hours tops. For instance, I've have the cup in for a couple of hours today, and I can feel it is starting to push down. The cup has never been full when I remove it.

I haven't had any leaking problems, and I do hear a pop when the suction breaks when I remove it, so I don't think it's an issue of not getting a good seal.

I'm thinking I need to get a shorter cup, maybe a fleur or lunette, but am wondering if I should get a small or a large. I have light to moderate flow, with one day of pretty heavy flow. I'm just wondering if since I've had two kids that a small wouldn't work. On the flip side, I've also read that if you are pretty active and work out/lift weights, a small may work better, even if according to the guidelines you should go with a large.

Any thoughts? I'd really like to get a menstrual cup that works for me! Thanks!
Tags: brand comparisons, chafing/irritation, divacup, first time use, fleurcup, inside-out, lunette, popping open, sizes/size issues
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