Lu (kaphiovo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New-style UK mooncup and cervix question

I got a new-style UK mooncup (size B, the small), and quick review- this cup works brilliantly for me (I am thinking this could be my goldilocks cup at long last!). It opens slowly and gently, and then is in the perfect position every time with a small nudge (I don't need to check the rim or swirl it like other cups), and is much more comfortable than my larger cups which now, I will only need for night-time or long shifts at work on heavy days. It also has good suction, which is my main issue with both small and large ladycups as, because I have a low cervix, when I wipe after using the loo relatively often I can just nudge the bottom of those and they come un-stuck due to low suction and leak their entire contents. But the mooncup isn't doing that at all. It's never leaked, never moved out of it's position, etc., it's wonderful.

Anyway, my only concern with it is that when I've been wearing it for a few hours (it sits around my cervix) it 'changes' the shape of my cervix- feels a little squished and elongated and there's a slight indentation on the underside from the rim of the cup (and I am absolutely sure my cervix doesn't feel like this with any other cup or any other time of the month, I check on it often) and my other, smaller cup doesn't do this so I have a theory its not a small size issue- maybe happens because it's a 'narrow bodied' cup? I imagine it's similar to like, when you lean on the edge of a table and you get an indentation mark on your arm but it goes away soon after.

I'd just like some anxiety-dispelling reassurance that a) this isn't going to kill me (lol) and b) it'll go back to normal at the end of my period when my cup has been out a few hours.
Has anyone else who is friendly with their cervix noticed a cup doing this?
Tags: cervix position, mooncup (uk)
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