Caitlin (rainbogirl07) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new Meluna user

 I've been reading around in this community for quite some time. You guys are super helpful! 

I started my cup journey with a Keeper brand Moon Cup, but a couple months ago it met an untimely demise. I was horrified to have to revert to pads and tampons. Anyways, I finally got some funds, spent hours reading here, and decided on a Meluna soft. Ordered 3 weeks ago. (part of my decision for Meluna was I heard they usually give samples :P )

My medium, ring stem meluna came today, right in the middle of my period, along with a cute small ball stem sample in pink. (yay!)

I'm super excited to be done with tampons again, but I'm having a couple of minor issues. First of all, I did a lot of looking at the size chart, and I really thought something a little smaller than my Moon Cup would be better. I was wrong, I guess. a couple of millimeters apparently make more difference than I thought. It's not unreachable, but  removal is being trickier (I think the ring stem might be partly to blame?)

But here's my question - well, I kind of have 3. First, what works best for you to release the suction?
With my Moon Cup, the only thing I could get to work was sliding one finger all the way up to the lip of the cup, pushing it to let air in and break the suction. I tried the base-pinching thing once and when I confidently started pulling it down, there was much protest.

I read about people "pinching the base", and I really wish I could, because trying to get a grip of the ring and slide my finger up there is a bit harder with my meluna than it was with the M C.

Second: I was going to give the small to a friend of mine so she could try it out - as an introduction to cups. Thing is, she said she has a mental block with tampons because she got one stuck once. (?) So, now, realizing how tiny this thing is, I'm worried if I give it to her to try, she'll never be able to get it out! I want her to be free from pads, but I also don't want her to try it, freak out and not be able to remove it, and then swear off them before they have a chance. What do you think? Should I go ahead and give it to her with a warning?

And lastly (sorry... apparently, after lurking all these months I had a lot to say...), I've found that the soft Meluna is really, super squishy and it doesn't pop open as easily. I've always just used a c-fold with my M C, but do you think maybe a different fold would help meluna open faster?
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