jecado (jecado) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Well that was interesting!

So got my period yesterday and did a trial insertion/removal run. Went in way I could turn it though, I couldn't get a grip. Left it in for about an hour then tried to take it out....hmmmm. It had moved WAY up. I could barely touch the bottom of the stem with my finger let alone get a hold of it or reach up to grab it. Also the stem was buried way in the side of my vaginal wall. I tried for awhile, gave up, tried again, had a bath, tried again...wasn't sure I was ever going to get it out myself but eventually managed to work it down and out. End result...very sore vagina and cramped fingers.

Today I tried problems with insertion but again I can't seem to turn it at all. Tried to run my finger around it but can only contort myself to get about halfway around it. Wasn't sure if it was open or not? Didn't hear a pop. Left it in about 7 hours then it started leaking. (Very comfortable with it in, couldn't feel it was there). It was a pretty heavy flow day so i probably left it in too long. Removal went better but still not smoothly. Same issues - high up and the stem buried in the side. It wasn't as far up though and I was able to get a hold and get it out. As I was pulling it out I heard a pop as though it was just opening then (??) was about 3/4 full upon removal. The removal though resulted well...a mess understates it, I almost needed a shower!

So no way yet I can go out of the house with the worry of leaks and no way I could change it in public given the  mess. Can you help. What am I doing wrong? How can I turn it to make sure it is open? How do I keep it from riding up so high and why is the stem going sideways into me ("it doesn't hurt when its in but is really hard to dig out)? How do you get it out without a huge mess...reaching up that far and grabbing, pulling with leakage around it?
Tags: divacup, first time use, leakage & spotting, removal

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