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FULL Fleurcup

I just emptied my lg Fleur about half an hour ago, and felt that overflowing feeling again just a few minutes ago. Amazed (since I usually get at least 45-60 min on flood days), I again trotted to the bathroom. I dumped out the liquid and what was left was a clot that took up 3/4 of my cup. There are just so many thoughts swirling around in my head...such as: 1. HOLY COW! That's huge. 2. Is my os open to about the size of a quarter or what??? 3. I can't believe I'm sharing this info, but what better place to do so? 4. No matter what cup I use, I'm going to have overflow issues. 5. Again, that's HUGE! Thanks for letting me share. wow.
Tags: fleurcup, heavy blood flow

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