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Will it fit?

 I'm fairly new to menstrual cups and bought my first cup couple of weeks ago. Due to my heavy flow I decided to go with the L size Ladycup. When I got my period last week I quickly learned how to insert the cup. The first problem I encountered was that the cup wouldn't open up, but after 20-30 minutes I would get this discomforting feeling down there and discover that the cup had popped open. This went on for the coming days. I also had a problem with the stem irritating  my vaginal opening, even after I trimmed all of it off the cup would irritate the opening slightly.

My cervix is pretty small, which earlier has resulted in tampons partially sticking out. Also I have not given birth to children and am in my early 20s.

So I just ordered the S size Ladycup and got it today. This one looks a lot smaller than the other one. Even though I do believe that this one will be big enough to hold my flow. I'm just wondering that after I already used a bigger cup, will it play any difference to my success with the smaller cup? Will this cup fit?

I know I should try it out to find the answer but right now I have a yeast infection and I can't bring myself to try it out until the yeast infection disappears.

Has anyone experienced yeast infections due to cup use? I'm torn between wether it's the cup or my new asthma medicine that has caused this yeast infection. As the asthma medicine did say yeast infections may occurr in the mouth or other parts of the body.
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