jezy22 (jezy22) wrote in menstrual_cups,

first time with my divacup

Hello everyone... So, first of all let me tell you how excited I was all day at work, and then all night in anatomy class because I knew my Divacup had come into the mail today. In fact, today is the dreaded day two of my period, so it came at a pretty good time. I seriously raced home from class tonight and came flying in the door to look for the package :) 

Anyway, so with all the information I've read, and the videos I've watched, insertion wasn't really a problem. I'm still really trying to find my niche at that, trying different folds (I've inserted it and removed it about 3 or 4 times). However, one thing I did notice immediately is this very dull ache in my pelvic region. It's almost like the rim is just either too wide or too firm and its causing some minor discomfort. I did get a Diva size 2 because of my heavy periods and a vaginal birth. Is this type of minor discomfort normal for first-time users? Is this something that is just part of the adjustment process or might I need to consider something softer or more narrow? My vaginal canal is pretty long, can't feel my cervix even on my period so I've been kind of moving it around to see which position feels best, and it definitely feels better when it's higher. Do any of you high-cervix people also prefer to wear it high? 

Edit - When I was writing this entry I kind of kegel'ed it up a little higher and it leaked all over. I guess either doing kegels or wearing it that high is a no no? 
Tags: cramps, divacup, first time use
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