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I can't get this thing to work--is it a lost cause?


Sorry in advance for the long post.  I've been lurking a long time, I've read other posts by people with similar problems, but none of them are quite the same combination of issues I have, so I finally decided to post even if the question sounds dumb.  I hope someone can help me out!   I really want to make a menstrual cup work, but I'm wondering if it's just impossible.

I started with a Diva cup (small).  It hurt like hell and poked out, so I figured it was too long and perhaps too stiff.  I tried it inside out, but that didn't help.  I switched to a Ladycup (small), but although it's a slightly less traumatic experience, I still have exactly the same problems.

When I get the cup in and form a seal, it hurts like heck.  It feels like someone is trying to suck my brain out through my nether end.  There's a combination of cramping and burning inside.  Now, I have a really shallow vagina (not more than 2 inches deep when I'm on my period as far as I can tell from probing around), and it's also rather narrow I guess, because when the cup pops open it sometimes feels like something is tearing down there.  (I'm not a virgin by the way.)  Also, there is barely room for the cup, so when I try to get a finger in to break the seal to remove it...well, in a word it's excruciating.

I have a really sensitive cervix too, and I have fainted in the past from having it touched.  Just bumping it can make me really nauseated.  (Seriously, it's amazing I was ever able to have sex!  I don't know how that worked and this doesn't!)

If I try to not insert the cup as deeply, or to insert it at a different angle, it just pops out as soon as I shift position.  This is my fourth period trying with these cups.  Every time I end up giving up and saying I'll try again next time, and each time I end up feeling bruised and baffled.  Tonight I just spent about an hour trying over and over to insert it in a way that wouldn't hurt so much, but no improvement.

I'm a student and these things are really expensive for me, so I can't just keep buying new ones in hopes of chancing upon one that will work.  Is it just impossible for me to use one of these things?  Or is there something simple I'm missing here?
Tags: cervix position, insertion - painful or problems, sizes/size issues

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