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Going to Africa!!

Hey everybody!!


This is my first post here, but I have been a Diva Cup user for almost two years now. I can’t believe its actually been that long! :)


So, I know there are posts about traveling with cups, but I have a few concerns. Coming up in May I will be heading to Africa for a month! Suffice to say I am super excited! I have been warned that the water quality there may not be safe, so I am unsure how to clean my cup while I am there.


I have read about using a water bottle to clean while in a stall, but I am really unsure about that. I have tried it before but it’s messy, and I’m not sure what kind of toilets I will have access to. I’m concerned about having to clean it while over a squat toilet – I really have NO CLUE. Plus, I don’t want to have to be boiling all that water, or have to carry anything more than necessary.


Do you guys have any suggestions of what I should do? I also plan on bringing more than one in case I accidently drop it in an outhouse style toilet. I’m not sure what I would do then....I wouldn’t even feel comfortable boiling it in my hosts kitchen if dropped in a regular toilet.


I have read about things like the Lunnette disinfecting wipes, do you guys think this is a good option?


My other question has to do with airport security. There is a chance that I will have my period while flying (wouldn’t that be a fun 24 hour flight…but much more fun than if I hadn’t discovered menstrual cups…gosh I cant even imagine.) However, I do have some reservations about going through those body scanners with it in. Has anyone ever encountered this? It’s a real fear of mine. I have read some horror stories about ladies with tampons having to take them out to prove that it’s not dynamite, and while cups don’t look like dynamite it might look like I’m trying to smuggle something in.


Seriously, huge fear. Anyone ever experience this or have any words of wisdom?

Also, I'm curious about trying another brand of cup, I currently using a Diva Cup size one, and it works quite well and is the only one actually legal in Canada. I would  like to try others though, any recommendations?

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