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ever so slightly obsessed

Mod post: new colour scheme and new community

Hi everyone!

First of all, if you think the community looks different, that's because it does. I finally got around to toning down the pink, as requested several times over the last few months. I'll be checking it from different monitors and making little adjustments over the next week or so.

More importantly, we have a new community to announce: mc_sales

Posts about buying and selling cups are becoming extremely high volume in this community, and a lot of us who are happy with the cups we already have don't have much of an interest in reading about them. And it's also not ideal for people who are offering a cup or asking for one either, as with the high volume of traffic here their posts soon gets pushed off the main page and stop being seen. We hope this new community will help solve both problems.

We'll have to work out the details of what goes where over time, but for now, these are the posts we think belong there:
  • Posts about cups for sale (or offered for free or exchanges)

  • Requests to buy a particular cup

  • Organising group orders

  • Discount coupons and affiliation codes

  • Your ebay auctions and etsy shops

From now on, posts like these will be considered off topic here, and will be deleted by the mods (with a note referring the poster to mc_sales).

Posts relating to buying and selling that are still welcome here:
  • Questions about where to buy cups

  • Asking for advice about which cup to buy

  • Discussions about used cup safety (although this seems to have stopped being a controversy recently anyway)

  • Posts about new cups and colours available for sale

We may post reminders with links to this post about this every so often to make sure everyone who might be interested hears about it (hey, at least it should be fewer posts than you currently see about buying and selling!). Please do wander over there and join, or it'll become pointless and people will have to start posting here again.

We're also hoping to be able to hand mc_sales over to a new set of mods once it's got going. We'll post about that there at the time.

Thanks all :) Hope you like the changes!
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