ninjafruit (ninjafruit) wrote in menstrual_cups,

For sale: L Meluna Klassik ball stem (unused)


I'm looking for a new owner for my large orange Meluna, which I received as a sample cup with my order. It has not been used, I have no use for it since I have a verrrry light flow.

As it is a sample, it does have a visual imperfection; there's a lot of tiny flecks embedded in the material. It should however be fully usable/functional.

I'm thinking $10 shipped (internationally!), low price because of the imperfection and I just want a new home for it. I figured it's a waste if it just sits in my house unused.
Let me know if you're interested! No trades though, I'm quite happy with my medium and small Melunas. :)

Not all flecks are visible in the pictures, some are really tiny.


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