Anna (skepsis) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Mooncup UK - Incredible Suction!

After two years of not using a cup - due to PCOS issues, not cup issues - I decided to treat myself to a new Mooncup (UK brand), small size, to celebrate finally getting my period again after two years (yay?!).

Anyway, just wondering if any UK-ers have had issues with really strong suction and the new style mooncup? I say 'new style' because the cup looks a bit different to my old one; I had one of the original Mooncups and, for a start, it didn't have the measuring lines on the side and I'm sure it was a bit wider.

The problem is that I'm finding the suction is far too much! I used to be able to break the suction on the old cup just by squeezing in one side and then folding it slightly and pulling it out, but this one... wow! The suction is so strong, it is really really hurting to try and get it out and the suction just doesn't seem to want to break, no matter how much I squeeze, twist, push, pinch etc. I actually dread having to empty it because it feels like this battle between me and the cup and trying to keep my inside parts... well, inside!

I never had this problem with the old cup, even when I was just starting out so am wondering if there is anything I can do to the cup to make the suction a bit less strong? I was thinking maybe make the holes bigger, but would that just create more suction?

On the other hand, with such good suction this thing is virtually leak proof!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
Tags: mooncup (uk), seal & suction

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