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Lunette vs. The Cervix of Dooooooooom

Hello, I'm new here, and I have a bit of a wierd problem..

So I have been using a small lunette the past half year, and mostly it  works fine, but on my 2nd heavy day, the thing tends to leak a lot.

I assumed this had to do with the position of my cup vs the cervix, and after some investigation, I managed to locate my cervix. And much to my surprise, it's huge (on that specific day). It's not superlow (6cm?) or dangly, it's just.. big. There is no way I can do that (o) thing, my lunette must sit atop of it like a funny hat.

The problem is finding a better way to place my cup, or finding a cup that better suits my needs: When I place the lunette low, it just slides up on itself, often happily past my cervix on that day. 

A wider cup might help me, but those tend to be higher too, and thus would be pushed up even further? Unless they would fit better and would (ideally) locate themselves in those ridges around the cervix? I don't know. I have been considering to either order a medium meluna, because they are slightly wider and slightly shorter, mat how much of a difference would that make in realitily? The other option is getting a large lunette or possibly fleurcup. That rim kind of scares me though.

Anyone has tips, or experience with this?

Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting, lunette
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