Saráh (whimaway) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cheapest place to buy fleurcup online?

So I already have three cups, but I want another. :) I want a large, green fleurcup reallllly badly. That color is goregous and I have patiently waited to see if I could get a cheap one here, but that's just not going to happen. The small lunette selene so far is my favorite cup, but the capacity isn't enough for the beginning of my period. I like my diva and it works well, but I like having a colored cup because it makes my period a lot more enjoyable for some reason. Also I don't like that the divacup is hard to clean, and for me the shape of the lunette is a lot more comfortable, and it's pretty similar to the fleurcup. I might sell my miacup soon since I'm getting this cup, but I think I'm gonna give it another chance before I do that.

So anyways where is the cheapest place to buy a fleurcup? I checked fleurcup's website and femininewear, and fleurcup is a bit cheaper. Is there anywhere else to buy them or are there any coupons floating around? :) Thanks!

P.S. I edited out the prices I gave because they were wrong. Also I was wondering about a good place to get cute, fairly inexpensive cup bags?
Tags: cup pouch & storage, fleurcup, where to buy
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