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First of all, i think i have a tip for virgins who'd rather keep their hymen (but are not obsessed with it): don't do dry runs and don't insert when you're not on your period unless it's about to start. even if you're no longer new to cups. I got obsessed with cups last summer and when I was going to Finland I planned to get a Lunette and do a dry run in the waterpark, thought it would give me confidence later (: I didn't manage to insert it fully though (but the dry runs were extremely useful, at first inserting something that's not my finger was difficult) and now I went to Finland again (my family is obsessed with spa hotels :D) and thought I'd try this now. now i'm no longer as slow and cautious during insertion, and i'm using a large ladycup, so i thought i'd insert quickly and go down a water slide with a cup in&hearts well, i got some blood. it was completely painless though, i don't think it would be possible with any man :P
my mum was kinda upset and insists i shouldn't tell my first partner or he won't believe it. i disagree, it can't take anyone long to see my obsession with cups and if he doesn't respect me enough to trust me in such a matter he's not worth it :P
I remember from another post that I'm not alone, but how common is this really? (not damaging your hymen during your first cup use but only quite a bit later) Just curious:) Is it common to keep your hymen at all?

Also, does anyone else get transparent stains? Can it be just water or does it mean i'm not washing off the soap (ie baby shampoo) well enough? i already wash pretty thoroughly because i'm paranoid that if there's blood on the cup when i reinsert it, it'll be harder to wash off later. In fact washing is the reason why I often don't bother to reinsert for 14-15h... hilarious considering my first reaction to cups was: omg yay! i can wash this thing as often as i want to XDDD back then i'd do a quick rinse after every bathroom use when i'm at home but i then kept the same pad because of not wanting to "waste" them and also because right after changing pads tended to be uncomfortable anyway. *shudders* i'm so glad my periods are way better now&hearts

and a quick update/summary of my cup life so far. virgin, 20, low cervix. small lunette too narrow and stuck out, now mostly using a large ladycup inside out. too large for light days, occasional problems peeing, will get a soft medium glittery meluna soon. btw does anyone find its rim too large&uncomfortable, even though it's not stiff?
also been on hbc (as treatment) for like forever but found a new doc and going off it. has anyone got to know their body enough thanks to cups to be able to predict your period?

edit: i know it's possible to damage your hymen during sports etc, just been wondering that if your hymen is stretchy enough to allow cup use, how common is it to tear/damage it later
as for men, it's more about that i want me and my first partner to be special to each other, and that he believed he's really special and the first one. mum thinks he'll think i'm lying and that i've had sex already and this will sound as an excuse (but agrees that if i don't tell he won't notice/realize), whether it matters to him or not. but i want to be honest about this.
sorry i'm busy at uni and not commenting.
Tags: cervix position, cleaning - stains, dry run, hymen, meluna - soft, virginity
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