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Which is the biggest cup available?

first time poster, being using cups for almost a year now (and lurking here pretty much since then) and i'm perfectly happy with them;

my first was a UK Mooncup, it was the first i found, and i had no idea about other sizes or really what kind of flow i had, but it was good to get over the learning curve with, but has to small a capacity for my flow, so now it's in my bag as an emergency cup if I'm ever caught unawares.
Then I got a small Fleurcup, works perfectly well but to small a capacity.
So I got a large Meluna, (the new - klassik) it works almost perfectly during the day, mostly, sometime I forget and don't keep track of the time and so sometimes i have to rush to the nearest loo as I can feel the air bubbles that indicate my cup is overflowing, i still have to empty it fairly often like every 3 hours and most cycles on my heaviest night/s it leaks. so i want a bigger one, one that i can leave in a bit longer during the day and hopefully all night.

I've looked at a few comparison charts and decided on either a large Yukki or a large Fleurcup, they seem to be the biggest to me but i thought i'd just ask here before I commit to buying, i mean money isn't a total issue but i'd like to be finished with my search finally.

a little about me, 19, no children, a heavyish flow but nothing i've never had any huge issues with, also no issues with the cups being too big, i have cut all the stems off my cups, but that is purely a comfort issue, and i have no problem reaching my cups, even on the fourth day of my period when invariably my vagina decides to be an upside-down bottomless pit, if you understand me, just push down with my muscles and shove my fingers up there, does the trick.

thanks in advanced

p.s. love the site and the people, and love how freeing the cups make me feel, i find it much easier than hiding pads and tampons on oneself, and making a mad dash to the loo, hoping no one notices, wish i'd know about these when i was in school, would have made the whole process a lot easier.
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